Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LInes of Flight 2013 - Second announcement

We are excited to add the following acts to the line-ups:

- All Seeing Hand -Wellington drums and turntable destroyers
- Stephen Kilroy - legendary Dunedin solo guitarist
- Black Yoghurt - Sefton Bastardwisher's solo project
- Magnetic Field Data - Charlotte and Ali's suspended speaker noise sculpture

One-line descriptions of the other acts could be:

- Our Love Will Destroy the World - Campbell Kneale's wondrous noise project - ex Birchville Cat Motel
- Alastair Galbraith - musical alchemical genius - glass harmonium plus more.
- The Futurians - Dunedin noise/sci-fi/sludge/dance/destructo rock juggernaut
- Greg Malcolm - acoustic guitarist inventor/improviser
- Jeff Henderson/Hermione Johnson - saxophone and prepared piano beauty
- Gate - Michael Morley (Dead C) guitar drone universe
- Eye - free/psych/noise rock improvisers
- Foxtrot - solo female voice and loops
- Bruce Russell/Peter Wright - (more Dead C representation) duelling droning guitars
- Murderbike - synth dance beats

- The Ladder is Part of the Pit - gentle violin/synth/guitar improv
- Memory Burn - cracked electronics

So that is the complete line-up - 4 shows, 4 acts per show. The line-ups for each show will be confirmed closer to the time. It promises to be yet another wonderful event, following on from the mini-Lines of Flight held in Christchurch last September. Book your tickets from round the world now!!!!

Thursday 21 March – Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 7pm – 11pm
Friday 22 March – Chicks Hotel Port Chalmers, 8pm – 12am
Saturday 23 March – The Anteroom, Masonic Lodge Port Chalmers, 1pm – 5pm
Saturday 23 March – Chicks Hotel Port Chalmers, 8pm – 12am

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